Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pulled Over With A Mile To Go 0_0

So I had a nice little 7 mile run today and the weather was beautiful; just an ideal day for a run.  As usual, I had my iPod in, listening to my normal playlists, which normally consist of some music by Wiz Khalifa, Wayne, The Weeknd, Farruko, J Alvarez, and Yomo, just to name a few.  Tu Addicion by Kario y Yaret had just come on; one of my favorite songs right now.  I was approaching a mile to go, when all of a sudden I hear something that sounds like a quick sounding of a siren.  I look to my left and there is a cop car, pulling off the road and onto the grass of the park I was currently running on.
          The police officer rolled his window down and shouted out to me, "Where you running to?!"  I wasn't sure what he said at the time, as I did still have my headphones in, and had just pulled them out as he got out his last word.  I replied "Huh?" and when he repeated it, I told him, "to my car," not quite sure why he was doing all of this.  At that point I approached the car, because I wasn't too sure what to do and he continued on and said, "A lot of the officers around here have seen you running all over, so fast and we were all just wondering who you are and what you are doing running so fast."  I laughed on the inside as well as felt a little honored and thanked him.  Little did I know, the police department had seen me around since I was in high school, putting in my mileage on a weekly basis, and have always wondered who I was and why I was doing what I was doing, so he finally decided to stop me on this day and figure out the mystery.
          The officer was genuinely interested in what I was doing and what I had done in the past, so we got to talking for a little bit and I let him know that I was currently training with the best professional middle distance club on the east coast! :), New Jersey*New York Track Club and that I was training towards the outdoor IAAF World Track and Field Championships.  Once the conversation was over, he asked my name, wished me luck, and said he would let his partners know that the mystery has been uncovered.  Needless to say, that last mile was my fastest and happiest mile of the total 7.


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